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The Fine Art World of Paul Kelley

Paul Kelley
“When humanity ceases to be
relevant, so too will art.”

Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley is a Nova Scotia artist who's figurative paintings, and Nova Scotia art is collected by individuals and corporations throughout Canada and the world.

"I hope that throughout my career I have been able to please many people with my paintings, and that my figurative art has been particularly pleasurable for people who understand that the qualities of sensual beauty that I instill in this art subject are just that. I have always regarded this work as a celebration of the female form and commentary on woman's commanding visual presence in our world, in addition to their humanity and intellect. I believe that it is important to appreciate beauty as an end in itself. It is as simple as being able to stop and regard the beauty of sunrise before a hectic day; and as complicated as overcoming our preconditioning to desire to see more than what we see. Allegory and metaphor exist in my artwork,  but the beauty and grace of the female form in my artwork is intended to convey just that."



    I am planning to host an Open House (Art Show) this summer here in LaHave, Nova Scotia. It will run from August 11 to the 16th, with an opening reception on Thursday evening, August 10th. I will be holding this event at the LaHave Bakery (AKA Lahave Outfitting Co.) which is something of a local "institution" and destination for travelers to Nova Scotia. It is a large old warehouse building perched over the mouth of the LaHave River, and hosts several businesses as well as a fairly nice gallery space where my show will take place.
    1994 LaHave Bakery 24x34 thumb



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