From the studio of Paul Kelley

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Cold steel, forged in fire,
Chained to the harness of man's desire.
Progressive man, clever of hand,
Cut through the forest and into the land.

The idols are golden, and profit is boss;
"Nothing is gained without some little loss".
Choking the planet with toxic decay;
We're told to pretend it will be ok.

Daylight's child beneath the midday sun;
Twilight's dawn lest he turn and run.
We have bequeathed our self-centered curse;
The future is theirs, for better or worse.
P. Kelley



I came to this world as child so bright,
Bearing the future, the hope and the light.

Standing with kin on this clear crystal shore,
Feeling a sense of having been here before.

I had hoped that paradise might here begin,
But fear we may never pass this way again.



Tossing in termoil, tumbled around,
Can't find the path for the tracks on the ground.
Parents still think that Glen Miller is King,
And I've been brought up to seek for a ring.

Must be some more to this planet in space,
Than to scramble along with the whole human race.
I'd rather fly free like a bird in the sky,
Than be beaten and bound by propriety's lie.
P. Kelley

2009-november moon-16x9.5-web


Sunlight's tapestry of the dark and the bright
Give way to questions with the coming of night.
Touching the soul in it's secretive way,
November Moon rises to banish the day.
P. Kelley



Hey baby, hey baby, can you come out to play;
That's more or less what the "studs" have to say.
I am as I am, and I dress as I do;
It's more about me, and less about you.

Young lady, young lady your attire offends;
I'll bet that her life is a long list of "pretends".
I am as I am, and I portray as I may;
It's not about sex, at least not today.
P. Kelley